Stitch Witch Ali

Oops! Nearly forgot about Stitch Witch of the week! It’s been a productive week, for sure. Lots of fantastic projects nearing completion. One that finally got finished was Ali’s colourful shirt! Its been some time in he making and was a little confusing in parts! But she finally did it! It’s a great fit too! So Ali gets the stitch Witch award this time. Nice work Ali! I’m looking forward to seeing what you choose to make next!

Bits and Pieces

For all those starting new sewing courses, here’s a little reminder of what you need to bring to your first class:

You don’t need to bring your own machine! Machines are provided!

Everyone- if you could furnish yourselves with a basic sewing kit, i.e needles, pins, Fabric scissors, some threads and maybe a tape measure, you will feel better equipped. I do have plenty of equipment, but I find people tend to take better care of their own, and get used to using certain types of tools.

Beginners – If you have any pretty bits of woven cotton fabric you would like to incorporate into your first project, which is usually a patchwork item, bring them along too. ‘Fat quarters’ are great! You can buy these in bundles at most fabric outlets and on line. Watch the prices though! A Fat Quarter is a quarter of a meter, so you don’t want to be paying more than £2 per FQ. A few people have used their children’s favourite outgrown dresses and shirts etc to make cushions for their bedroom, or personalized drawstring bags, and such like. It’s a lovely idea and a good way of up-cycling stuff!

Improvers – You may bring along any project, including pattern and fabric (or your own hand drafted body blocks if you have them) that you would like to make a start on. Once I have started the beginners off, I do intend to do a little tutorial on a different techniques each week, in the hope that  everyone will get the chance to practice a new skill at some point.

See you soon! 

Book Now for Pattern Drafting!

Room for just 2 more at the Pattern drafting course starting at Holmfirth Tech In January! There are just two days left to benefit from the discounted course fee!! Book here:

Super Stitch Witches!

Well, it has been such a week of amazing and fabulous outcomes, its hard to know who to give the stitch witch award to! Our newbies have really thrown themselves into their various projects, making beautiful items incorporating a range of skills. Michelle completed a lovely cushion with lace trim and is now working on making one with piping. Heather of the Thursday coven has made a quilted purse with a button, and Cathie from the Monday coven got so engrossed at home, making things with zips in, she never made it to class! But she kindly sent photos! Buttonholes next I think for Cathie! And of course, there was Karen’s amazing jacket. So as I didn’t give a stitch witch award last week, I’ll give two this week, to both Karen and Cathie (even though she wasn’t there! I’m sure she did make those items herself . . .) Well done ladies!

Sew into 2019!

In January  2019 Sew Moore is running the 12 hour Beginners Pattern Drafting Course at Holmfirth Tech, in place of the usual Wednesday Evening Dressmaking classes. This will run for 6 weeks  until the end of February, when Dressmaking will resume as usual.  It is an excellent course for both competent and improving dressmakers wanting to make their own perfectly fitting body blocks from their own measurements. These can then be used to create original, bespoke patterns based on their own designs – or adapt existing ones for a better fit. There is still space to join us! Book online before the end of November to benefit from the generously discounted course fee!

Dressmakers who wish to continue with regular classes in January but do not feel ready for Pattern drafting may book any of the other sewing classes. The Monday evening class at the Tech is likely to be the most popular choice, and bookings are already coming in for that one! So book early to secure your place!

Stitch Witch Lillie

In case you missed it yesterday, this is our new Janome M100 QDC machines which is designed with quilters in mind.  I brought it in for Lillie, to make the task of finishing her beautiful quilted kimono a bit easier and faster. It is nowhere near finished yet, but she worked out how to use this machine all by herself, with hardly any input from me. She barely even had to look at the manual! So for this Lillie gets the Stitch Witch of the week award! Bravo!

Still drafting Pattern Drafters!

The new sewing and dressmaking courses all start this week. Thanks to all who have signed up to join us. It’s always a pleasure meeting and nurturing new stitch witches and wizards! There are still some places up for grabs on the new 6 week pattern Drafting Course, starting at Holmfirth Tech in January! Book by 30th November to get a £30 discount off this really useful course!

Stitch Witch Charlotte

It has been such a busy week, I almost forgot the Stitch Witch award! It’s an easy one this week. Although everyone has worked really hard at finishing and perfecting their various projects. this weeks Stitch Witch has to be Charlotte, for finishing that lovely mustard crepe tunic! It was a tricky fabric to work with, but she showed it who was boss in the end! Well done Charlotte!

Charlotte’s crepe tunic