Sew into Summer!

Bookings are already coming in for sewing courses starting in May and June! Classes are mixed ability – suitable for absolute beginners as well as those with some sewing background including self taught dressmakers wanting to improve their expertise. Class sizes are small and the atmosphere is relaxed and fun. In addition to learning new skills, sewing class is a great way to relax and unwind and escape from the pressures of work and/or family life, as well as a great opportunity to socialise and make new friends. We get all sorts of folk at Sew Moore! Places are limited, so book yours soon!

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pièce de résistance

Well there’s no question who gets the stitch witch award this time – although it ought to have been for last week as I know Heather had finished her fantastic cashmere coat, but didn’t bring it to show and tell!! She did fetch it along to Marsden this morning though. I’m so pleased she went with the bound buttonhole and the thread loop one on the inside. Heather has done an amazing job on this coat. She even made her own sparkly bead encrusted button! It looks so professional! We are all so very impressed! Well done Heather!

I am also awarding a beginners prize to Allie, from the Thursday class, for completing her very first garment – a short sleeved top in stretchy fabric. A challenging project for a first time dressmaker. She had to get to grips with using stretch stitch and a twin needle. She made a good job of it!

And last but not least, I am awarding a special Wizard prize to Kieran, for teaching his children, one of whom is only 3 years old, to sew! They have been making patchwork  panels on the sewing machine which Kieren brought into class to show us. Fantastic! Keep up the good work our wizard!


Bits and Pieces

For all those starting new sewing courses, here’s a little reminder of what you need to bring to your first class:

You don’t need to bring your own machine! Machines are provided!

Everyone- if you could furnish yourselves with a basic sewing kit, i.e needles, pins, Fabric scissors, some threads and maybe a tape measure, you will feel better equipped. I do have plenty of equipment, but I find people tend to take better care of their own, and get used to using certain types of tools.

Beginners – If you have any pretty bits of woven cotton fabric you would like to incorporate into your first project, which is usually a patchwork item, bring them along too. ‘Fat quarters’ are great! You can buy these in bundles at most fabric outlets and on line. Watch the prices though! A Fat Quarter is a quarter of a meter, so you don’t want to be paying more than £2 per FQ. A few people have used their children’s favourite outgrown dresses and shirts etc to make cushions for their bedroom, or personalized drawstring bags, and such like. It’s a lovely idea and a good way of up-cycling stuff!

Improvers – You may bring along any project, including pattern and fabric (or your own hand drafted body blocks if you have them) that you would like to make a start on. Once I have started the beginners off, I do intend to do a little tutorial on a different techniques each week, in the hope that  everyone will get the chance to practice a new skill at some point.

See you soon! 

Overlocker Masterclass

Back by popular demand, THE OVERLOCKER CLINIC! Hooray!!

Are you are still scared of your overlocker, terrified of having to re-thread it, or not using it to its full potential? Or maybe you are you thinking of buying an overlocker but not sure if you need one? In which case, this is the class for you! It is a one-off 2 hour session at Marsden Mechanics Hall on 21st June starting at 7 pm. Covering everything you need to know to become a confident user of this versatile and very useful machine, this workshop is designed for both experienced and improving dressmakers and crafters.

At just £20 per person, its an opportunity not to be missed! Booking is essential to guarantee a place.

Book here:

Stitch Witches Galore!

This week, the last in the course, I am honoring 3 stitch witches the much coveted Stitch Witch of the week award. It’s more like stitch witches of the course – especially as I missed a couple of weeks. So firstly is Rae, for completing her beautiful green ‘bark cloth’ top using the popular Merchant and Mills ‘Top 64’ pattern. I had photos, but must have accidentally dumped them! You will have to take my word for it that it is stunning! Rae, please could you send another photo or two?  Next we have Lucy, who, in just one session, threw together a lovely top, with a stylish collar. She made it in stretchy fabric too, which is not easy! And finally Julia, for her little dungarees – her second pair so far – for her new little grandson. Aren’t they super? Even the poppers are perfectly  coordinated! Beautiful work ladies! See you all on the next round!

New Course Dates Simplified

Following requests for simplification, I have made tables of the info I sent out last week

Don’t forget to book by 31st Jan to get your £10 discount!!

2018 Sewing class dates Feb – July

 Monday at Hot Banana
Thursday Marsden Mechanics
Friday Marsden Mechanics

For Beginners Dressmaking and Pattern Drafting at Simply Solids, visit the Simply Solids Website:

Stitch Wizard Kieren

So this weeks stitch witch award goes to a Stitch Wizard!! Kieren has made such great progress! The man is a natural! When I have a photo of the thing he has made, which is like a pencil case  but actually a glue stick case, lined and everything,  including – wait for it – CAD & CAM embroidery – I will share for all to behold! Keep up the great work Mister, and please send me that photo!

Dates For Your Diary

Don’t forget to book your next course by 31st January to get your £10 discount!

All current courses will finish the week beginning 12th Feb, with the last one at Marsden  on Friday 16th. Courses will resume again the week beginning 26th Feb, so the Thursday and Friday will start 1/2 March. There will be 5 Monday and Thursday classes until Easter break, up to and including the 26/29 March, with one more after Easter on 16/18 April respectively. Due to Good Friday falling  at the start of the school holiday (in Kirklees), the Friday class will run for 4 weeks before Easter up to and including 4th March then two more after the hols on 20th and 27th April.

May and June are going to be  bitty, due to holidays and bank holidays. I will keep you updated when I have firm dates booked in.