New Masterclasses

Excited to announce we have two more masterclasses booked in at Holmfirth Tech in the Spring:

Overlocker Masterclass – Saturday 6th April, 10 am – 12

Get To Grips With ZIPS! – Saturday 11th May , 10 am – 12.

Spaces are limited, as always, so book early to secure your place!

Book here:

Stitch Witches galore!

Wow! What a week it has been! The Friday morning quilting frenzy at Marsden has been amazing! And some of the dress making projects are impressive too! I think I’m going to have to award two stitch witches this week – Heather for her super shirt. How neat is that collar?! And Julia for her beautiful golden top which she designed and cut the pattern for her self! Amazing! Didn’t take her long at all! Great work Julia

Book Now for March

The Friday class at Marsden Mechanics is almost full for March, and bookings are even coming in for June!! The others are filling up fast! Thank you to all who have booked and paid for new courses. If you haven’t yet done so, I would recommend you book now to secure your place!

Don’t forget, Wednesday evening Dressmaking at Holmfirth Tech will restart on 13th March.

All the courses in March will break for two weeks over the Easter hols from 15th to 26th April then resume for one week afterwards, the week beginning 29th April.  The next round after that will start the first week in June.





First Stitch Witch 2019

We have had a great start to 2019. A successful week of sewing and pattern cutting. And even though we’ve only just begun the year, there is already merit enough to give a Stitch Witch of the week award! This week it has to go to Liz, of the Holmfirth coven, for finishing that beautiful patchwork quilt. She started it last term and finished over the Christmas break. Beautiful work Liz! Well done!

Stitch Wizardry

It’s been a busy week, and a fantastic year of completed projects and works in progress. We have seen such a diverse range of super outcomes! First things first though, Stitch Witch, or rather wizard, of the week award has to go to Ben, for his super hoodie! This was his first ever garment, and I’m sure you will agree, it turned out very nicely! His teenage son even agreed that it wasn’t too shabby! Great work Ben!

I also have to give special praise to Lynsey, for sheer enthusiasm and commitment to her design projects, adapting existing products for disabled kids. I’m sure she will be in business very soon!

And also to Rae, who, despite a few ‘construction issues’, giving us all a laugh, has actually managed to produce more garments – all well made and perfectly fitting – than anyone this year! You are a much better dressmaker than you think Rae!

Recognition for the best newcomers goes to Cathie of the Holmfirth Monday class and Heather of the Marsden Thursday class. Cathie already has her own  little makeup bag/pencil case production line going on and is an expert at zips, and Heather has made four (almost) items in 6 weeks, all from re-cycled and up-cycled textiles! very resourceful!  Great work ladies!

My work here is done – at least for 2018! Phew! *mops brow*. I will look forward to seeing what wonderful ideas everyone turns up with in January! I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Here are just a few of this years super outcomes

Stitch Witch Ali

Oops! Nearly forgot about Stitch Witch of the week! It’s been a productive week, for sure. Lots of fantastic projects nearing completion. One that finally got finished was Ali’s colourful shirt! Its been some time in he making and was a little confusing in parts! But she finally did it! It’s a great fit too! So Ali gets the stitch Witch award this time. Nice work Ali! I’m looking forward to seeing what you choose to make next!

Bits and Pieces

For all those starting new sewing courses, here’s a little reminder of what you need to bring to your first class:

You don’t need to bring your own machine! Machines are provided!

Everyone- if you could furnish yourselves with a basic sewing kit, i.e needles, pins, Fabric scissors, some threads and maybe a tape measure, you will feel better equipped. I do have plenty of equipment, but I find people tend to take better care of their own, and get used to using certain types of tools.

Beginners – If you have any pretty bits of woven cotton fabric you would like to incorporate into your first project, which is usually a patchwork item, bring them along too. ‘Fat quarters’ are great! You can buy these in bundles at most fabric outlets and on line. Watch the prices though! A Fat Quarter is a quarter of a meter, so you don’t want to be paying more than £2 per FQ. A few people have used their children’s favourite outgrown dresses and shirts etc to make cushions for their bedroom, or personalized drawstring bags, and such like. It’s a lovely idea and a good way of up-cycling stuff!

Improvers – You may bring along any project, including pattern and fabric (or your own hand drafted body blocks if you have them) that you would like to make a start on. Once I have started the beginners off, I do intend to do a little tutorial on a different techniques each week, in the hope that  everyone will get the chance to practice a new skill at some point.

See you soon! 

Book Now for Pattern Drafting!

Room for just 2 more at the Pattern drafting course starting at Holmfirth Tech In January! There are just two days left to benefit from the discounted course fee!! Book here:

Super Stitch Witches!

Well, it has been such a week of amazing and fabulous outcomes, its hard to know who to give the stitch witch award to! Our newbies have really thrown themselves into their various projects, making beautiful items incorporating a range of skills. Michelle completed a lovely cushion with lace trim and is now working on making one with piping. Heather of the Thursday coven has made a quilted purse with a button, and Cathie from the Monday coven got so engrossed at home, making things with zips in, she never made it to class! But she kindly sent photos! Buttonholes next I think for Cathie! And of course, there was Karen’s amazing jacket. So as I didn’t give a stitch witch award last week, I’ll give two this week, to both Karen and Cathie (even though she wasn’t there! I’m sure she did make those items herself . . .) Well done ladies!