Dressmaking class full.

Places on the Wednesday evening Dressmaking class at Holmfirth Tech are now all filled . Any further bookings will be allocated the following class starting in November. See the Home page at the website for details.

Sew far sew full at Marsden!

The Thursday and Friday sewing classes at Marsden Mechanics are now both SOLD OUT for September. Thank you to all those who have booked and paid. Any subsequent bookings will be allocated to the following courses starting in November. Feel free to book now for November. 


Having visited an elderly lady in Marsden today, to assist her with setting up her new Brother machine, it occurred to me that, when it comes to online booking, Sew Moore has not been inclusive of the elderly and those with limited funds. With this in mind there is now a £10 discount on ALL COURSES for a those who fit under the ‘concessions’ umbrella.  You will find a separate ‘Book this course now’ button labelled CONCESSIONS, on the home page and the courses pages, which will give you the opportunity to book a sewing or dressmaking course at the discounted price! What’s not to like? Book away folks! Only a couple of spaces left, if that, in each class! Please only those who genuinely qualify for the discount use the ‘Concessions’ booking button

Here is a photo of Ann, who won the Great British Sewing Bee aged 81.

Dressmaking Class Almost Full

Having advertised the new Wednesday evening dressmaking course yesterday, I am delighted to announce that it almost sold out in one day! In fact, based on previous class size, it would already be full! However, as the space at Holmfirth Tech is a bit larger than our usual venues, we should be able to let a few more in before  closing the door! Once its full, any further bookings will be assigned to the following course, which will start in November  (after half-term). It will be clear on the website what date the next course will start.


New! Dressmaking Course!

Very excited to announce that the new Wednesday evening dressmaking course will start in September at the old Technical College building on Huddersfield Road, Holmfirth. That’s the one next to the fire station.  The space is bigger and brighter than anywhere else we’ve had, so hopefully there will be room for a few more!

The Monday evening class will also be moving over there from Hot Banana.

The website is finally updated and both courses is now available to book online. (If you have already booked a Monday evening course at Hot Banana, no need to do anything – except turn up as planned, but at the technical college instead!)

Book online: http://sewmooresewing.co.uk/


Just to remind you all  there will be no classes the first week of July. The Monday coven will have 2 more after that, finishing on 16th July. The Thursday and Friday covens will finish on the 28th and 29th June.
There is no sewing class tomorrow evening as it is the overlocker class instead. 
Not long not until the end of term! Doesn’t time fly?
Thank you again to those who have already signed up for September. I realise it’s a while off, but as bookings are already coming in, I would advise those of you who haven’t to book your next course sooner rather than later, as there are bound to be a few newbies wanting to join. I wouldn’t want any of our regulars to miss out!
The next courses will all start the week beginning 17th September and run through to October half term.
Thinking of running a beginners dressmaking course on Wednesday evenings, as I am no longer teaching the one at Simply Solids. (venue to be decided). Do let me know if this would interest any of you.

Sew into September

Just a quick update on next course dates.

The next available courses will start the week beginning 17th September and run straight through to October half term. I realize we are only just into June, but I am already taking bookings for September. It’s a good idea to book early, to secure your place.

I am hoping to be running some classes, including beginners dressmaking and maybe pattern drafting, at a new venue in Holmfirth – to be revealed – so there might be an extra one or two to choose from. I will update the website as appropriate and keep all current stitch witches and wizards informed by email.



Planning Ahead

It’s all getting very interesting and exciting at Sew Moore. I don’t think I’ve seen such a variety of different types of projects going on at once! So much creativity and innovation! I love it!

The website is now updated and ready to take booking s for courses starting in September. You can book any time between now and September, but classes fill up fast! So don’t leave it too late! There may well be a change of venue for the Holmfirth Monday Coven. I’m hoping we can move into the Technical college – so still quite central.  I will keep you all posted as regards this and update the website accordingly, if and when that is definite.





I hope you have been enjoying the stunning weather and not been stuck indoors!
Thank you to those of you who have already signed up for the next round of sewing classes. I’m not advertising the Monday or Thursday course now as Monday is full and Thursday soon will be! Still a few spaces left at the Friday class. Don’t forget to book if you have not already done so!
We have an Advanced Pattern Drafting course planned at Simply Solids in Slaithwaite for the weekend of 5/6 May. This is suitable for anyone who has competed the Beginners course with me. As yet there are not enough participants for the course to run. If you would like to take part please express your interest with Justine or Lisa at Simply Solids.
If you would like to do the course but can’t make that weekend do please let Justine and myself know and we will try and arrange another slot – providing there are enough of you wanting to do it.
Still space at the Overlocker Masterclass on 21st June. You can book here  http://sewmooresewing.co.uk/courses/training-courses/
That’s all for now! Enjoy your Sunday! Bex

Stretching it!

Those of you who know me will know how I feel about working with stretchy fabrics . . . I’ve managed to avoid it for most of my life! However, I decided I needed to get over my phobia as I needed to make some little T-shirts and body suits for Beckita Bebe (my other enterprize).  I bought some lovely brightly coloured cotton jersey, so I wouldn’t feel too depressed by the process, and have been pleasantly surprised by both the ease of production and the finished outcome! This is what I have learned:

  1. the overlocker is essential. I have used it on all the main seams. The sleeves,  I sewed in on the sewing machine first, then over-locked the seam allowance – close to the stitching.
  2. Stretch stitch is overrated. I wouldn’t bother with it again. It seems to stretch the fabric as I sew and uses miles of thread. For hems a twin needle would be best, but failing that, a shallow zig-zag is better to give the stitch some stretch (length 2.5 – 3; width 1)
  3. A fine ball-point needle is also essential
  4. Most of my pins are too fat, course or blunt for this fabric and are the bane of my life!
  5. Cotton jersey is more forgiving than most woven fabric.
  6. Great care is needed to avoid stretching the fabric out of shape whilst sewing.
  7. I have had my Brother sewing machine for over 20 years, and have only just discovered that twin needle sewing is not possible . . . only one spool pin!! So before you go buying twin needles check your machine is set up for it – unlike I did! Give me ‘muppet of the week’ award – again!

You can see more of Beckita Bebe at http://beckitabebe.com/