Quality Assurance Policy

SUMMARY: Sew Moore Sewing School seeks to continuously improve the training and support it provides to all learners in order to enhance access, widen participation, and raise levels of retention and achievement.

Commitment to Quality

Sew Moore Sewing School seeks to continuously improve the training, support and quality of service it provides to all learners. It strives, with staff commitment, to promote the best and highest quality and standards of provision across its work, developing systems and measurable criteria for ongoing improvement.

Our mission states the following:-

“To continue to be recognised as a centre of excellence for sewing teaching and classes”

This mission underpins all objectives in Sew Moore Sewing School Strategic Development Plan.

In support of this purpose, we will continue to make a commitment to quality as set out above. It has made and will continue to make important advances in the standards of customer service.

The clear priority in all improvement initiatives will be to enrich and enhance the quality of learner experience and to raise the level of learner performance.

Sew Moore Sewing School will strive to achieve consistency in quality across all classes and will continue to set measurable targets to evaluate performance.

Key Goals are to:

  • Enhance learner access, guidance, support and opportunities for progression
  • Improve and enhance the quality of teaching, learning and attainment
  • Retain learners on programme
  • Maximise learners’ progress and achievement
  • Achieve systems of efficiency and effectiveness in all of Sew Moore Sewing School’s operations thus providing value for money
  • Evaluate Sew Moore Sewing School’s provision and performance
  • Listen and respond to ‘the voice of the customer’, ensuring the needs and interests of individual learners and the skills needs of the local population are met
  • Work collaboratively with others

Quality Statements

Sew Moore Sewing School’s commitment to quality is represented by five quality statements:

Sew Moore Sewing School will:-

  1. Use effective quality assurance methods to establish, review, evaluate and continuously improve the services provided to meet the needs of learners
  2. Plan and manage the resources of the organisation using appropriate performance indicators, to achieve effective and efficient utilisation in support of teaching, training and learning and to provide value for money.
  3. Provide systematic staff development to support employees in meeting agreed standards, and improving the service provided to learners.
  4. Develop a customer-focused culture by involving staff and learners across Sew Moore Sewing School’s in Quality Improvement Projects in order to raise standards for the benefit of external and internal customers.
  5. Listen to and consult with its learners, clients, staff, the community, strategic partners, professional/government agencies, employers etc to secure in co-operation the achievement of the best standards of educational services and support.