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Sew Moore has now been running sewing, dressmaking and pattern drafting classes for 5 whole years! Can you believe it? Hundreds of sewing enthusiasts have come through the various doors since its inception back in January 2015! It has also provided a great opportunity to socialise. Friendships have been formed in class and we’ve created a fabulous little community. The two Geordie Lauras from the Hot Banana coven both got pregnant shortly after starting sewing classes . . . not sure if there is any correlation, but its a nice story! They had baby girls within two weeks of each other and have remained friends ever since. Top mummies too! 2019 was the most successful and certainly the busiest year we have had in those 5 years! Lots of new and familiar stitch witches and wizards – one from as far afield as Qatar, have come along to learn or improve their skills. It has been a genuine pleasure to meet and teach such a great bunch of creative people of all ages and backgrounds, all with their own interesting lives and stories to tell. Folk who sew really are the best of folk!

Sew – in celebration of our 5 years, the next dressmaking course booked will be FREE! In other words, the entire fee will be refunded! If the next booking to come in is for Pattern Drafting, half the fee will be returned! Quick! Book online here: https://sewmooresewing.co.uk/

Here are just a few of many happy memories from the past 5 years, going right back to those very first days at Hot Banana where we had to wear our woolly tights, vests, scarves and hats and climb over a double base and other instruments and various amps and speakers! Happy days!

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