All Sewn Up For Summer!

Today saw the last session of the term! What a great time we’ve had! All sorts of fantastic projects have been begun and completed including clothes, bags, cushions, purses and stuffed animals! As usual, many of the stitch witches will be returning for more in September! They just can’t get enough! They’re sew into stitch witchcraft! Everybody has worked hard, and this week especially has seen some marvellous results conjured up. Penny finished her apron today – which was the first thing she’s made using a pattern and only the 3rd textile product she has ever made!  Heather completed not one, but two beautiful blouses! Top class job as usual Heather! Last night young Martha (aged 14) finished her patchwork cushion cover and is going to make a whole bunch more to scatter around at home, and Natalie finished her super make-up bag with special brushes compartment, which was a bit of a puzzle for both of us! But Natalie is noting if not tenacious! Perseverance and determination paid off, and the result is great! Superb job for a complete beginner! So Natalie gets this weeks Stitch Witch of the Week award. Well done Natalie, and well done everyone! My work here is done, at least for the Summer! It has been an absolute delight! See you all in September!

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