Master Your machine

A new Sew Moore workshop. 

This is an excellent workshop for beginners and sewing enthusiasts who want to get to grips with how to use their sewing machine properly. You will learn all the things it can do, as well as all those you would rather it didn’t do, and how to troubleshoot when problems occur. No matter what the make or age of your machine, you are guaranteed to leave the session feeling confident that you can show your machine who really is the boss! There are very few machines Bex is not familiar with. She can demonstrate everything from basic setting up, threading up and bobbin loading, to how to use essential functions and attachments like the buttonhole foot for example. So if your machine has been languishing under the stairs for some time, because you are too chicken to face the challenge of threading it, or even if you have been using it for years but still don’t really understand how it works or why certain problems keep occurring, this is the workshop for you!

Next course: 29th February 2020. 10 am at the Sew Moore Sewing room. Go to the home page to book. You wont be disappointed!

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