Sew safe

The Sew Moore Sewing room is Covid safe for up to 3 customers. So short courses and daily workshops will be running more frequently, to give as many as possible the opportunity to take part. Keep checking the website and facebook page for all the new stuff, which will be going in the diary from today!



Existing customers whose dressmaking classes were halted mid course when we had to stop due to lockdown will have priority for the first 3 weeks, after which the usual 6 week courses will commence the week beginning 5th October and are bookable at the website. But bear in mind there will be a weeks break for half term from 26th October.

Class sizes will be smaller than usual to begin with until we establish how much space is required to work safely. It is recommended that everyone attending wears a face mask whilst the pandemic is ongoing.

Masterclasses and pattern drafting courses will be rescheduled to times which suit those already signed up.


We’ll stitch again!

I know the Sewing Bee has got you all champing at the bit to get stitching again! believe me, I am just as keen as you for us all to get back together!

I think it would be safe to presume that as soon as ALL the children return to school, we can get back to our dressmaking classes, courses and workshops. At this point I’ll put everything we have missed during the COVID crisis back into the calendar. In the meantime, please do keep sending photos of your latest creations!

Missing you all like mad! Bex X

Friday Photo Shoot

On our last Friday session at Marsden Mechanics, before we shut shop for the lockdown period, the lovely Boni came and took some photos! My, don’t we pull some funny faces? Especially me! And I wasn’t even sewing! I have tried to select the least grimacy of the collection and here are my favourites. Some of the stitch witches are wearing their own creations! I think Boni has captured the essence of our happy little coven! I hope you agree.


In this difficult and uncertain period, in an effort to minimise the risks to our health as much as possible, all Sew Moore classes, workshops and one-to- one sessions are cancelled until June, at least, depending on how the COVID 19 virus spreads and when it peaks. Those who are mid- course and have three sessions left may attend the first three sessions of the next course, when we resume again, free of charge. Those who have booked and paid for the next course may pick up any three classes any time in lieu of the cancelled classes. Workshops and one-to-one lessons will be rescheduled to a later date. This seems like the only responsible course of action. Feel free to contact Bex by phone or email for sewing related support and advice – or just to chat!

Dressmaking Prep

All brand new Dressmakers starting next week, please read:

In Preparation for your dressmaking course, please could you furnish yourself with a pattern and the appropriate amount of suitable pre-washed fabric and other necessary haberdashery.


Measurements. Take your body measurements accurately – bust, waist and hips, to get the correct pattern size. Beware – pattern sizes bare little relationship to your unusual dress size! You will probably find you need a pattern a couple of sizes larger than you expect, according to the size chart on the pattern envelope! They usually contain multiple sizes but often there are two ranges to buy, eg size 6 to 14 or 18 to 24 etc. So watch out for that!

Pattern: Please choose from one of the big commercial pattern brands eg Simplicity, New look, Butterick, Mcalls or Vogue. Avoid Burda as the instructions can be confusing. Also avoid the independent pattern makes like Tilly & Buttons, Sew over It etc as these can also be difficult for novices. And PLEASE do not download and print one from the internet!

Style: Stick to a simple style for your first project, eg a skirt or sleeveless dress or top, in a stable woven fabric (not stretchy). You can go for something with a zip and or buttons as those are both useful skills to learn, but It’s more important in the first 6 weeks to learn how to use and follow the pattern. If you choose something too ambitious you probably won’t finish it in the course which can be disheartening.

Shopping: Patterns can be bought online at various sites, or from some haberdashers, the best one for patterns being Samuel Taylors (aka Button Box) in Huddersfield Queensgate market. They have all the catalogues for you to browse through and the patterns are there, in stock – usually. You can get your fabric there too, or buy it elsewhere, eg. Fabworks in Dewsbury, but take the pattern as you will need to refer to it to get the right amount of fabric. You will also need to by any other components, usually listed as ‘NOTIONS’ on the back of the pattern. These might include zip, buttons, interfacing, bias binding elastic, etc. Its best to buy them at the same time, as well as a couple of reels of thread in a matching colour. Gutterman is best.

Fabric: Avoid buying expensive luxurious looking stuff, however tempting that may be! Treat your first project as a practice run. Learning how to use the pattern and achieving a good fit is more important than a stylish outcome. If you like the outcome you can make another one afterwards in a better quality fabric. Also stick to a stable woven fabric, eg cotton poplin, calico, lightweight canvas or lightweight denim. Avoid stretchy, shiny, floppy, slippery, bumpy, fuzzy and fluffy (the alternative 7 dwarves!😉) Pre-wash it beforehand please.


You may bring whatever pattern and fabric you fancy, according to your level of skill. Try and include at least one skill or technique you haven’t used before, to maximise your learning experience. Remember to buy 3 or 4 overlocker threads in an appropriate shade if you know you will need to use the over-locker – which most people do. You don’t have to get the big cones. Moon threads are perfectly adequate. But if you want to invest in some, there is a guy on the outdoor market on Mondays who has some very cheap! They last for ages!

I hope this is helpful. If you have any questions, please do get in touch.

I look forward to teaching you!

Love Bex