Sew into 2020

There will be a few changes to the Sew Moore timetable from January 2020. The regular classes at both Holmfirth and Marsden will be Dressmaking only. Obviously there will be plenty of opportunities within those sessions to make accessories etc to compliment the clothes, but there will be no tuition in class on basic sewing skills for absolute beginners – only dressmaking skills. Private tuition on a one-to-one or one-to-two basis will still be offered to those who need and desire it.

There will also be extra one-off workshops throughout the year on topics for beginners, eg sewing machine set up and how to get started, as we have found that most people do not need a six week course to get to grips with the basics. There will be just one Evening Dressmaking class running at Holmfirth Tech, starting with Monday nights. This may swap to Wednesdays, if Monday proves difficult for some of the regulars. The Friday morning class at Marsden will still run as usual and there may possibly be two if we can slot in another as that session has become very oversubscribed! The Thursday evening one will run as usual for as long as there is enough take up. Otherwise, that may also move to a day time slot.

Basically, if a course is still available there will be a button to book it on the home page!

Prices will go up in the New Year! So book your 2020 courses before then to benefit from current rates! Bookings are already coming in for March!

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