Stitch Witches Adele and Shirley

We are a stitch Witch award down as it didn’t happen last week, even though I had one in mind! So this week there are two! Firstly, Adele of the Marsden Thursday coven, for her super music themed circle skirt and matching clutch! Adele created the pattern for the skirt herself, after much deliberation over the correct use of PI to get the waist size correct. It has a ‘grown on’ elastic waistband which she overlocked on all by herself! She will be rock & rolling in that this weekend I reckon! The second award goes to Shirley for the Holmfirth Monday coven, for making super progress, having completed a fully lined skirt as her very first project. (photo please Shirley) She has since made two pairs of pyjama bottoms in super quick time, whizzing them up on the overlocker! Well done to both!

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