Thursday to Friday

Just to remind you, as you may already be aware, the Friday morning Marsden class is oversubscribed and is already filling up for March! Thank you to those who have booked already! The Thursday evening class however is consistently undersubscribed. So please could you get your January bookings in by the end of November, because if there are no bookings for Thursday by then that course will be dropped in January. The current Friday class will then move to 9 a.m (as discussed with the current coven) and an extra session slotted in at 11 a.m. So those of you who missed the boat for January will be able to bring your March booking forward, to the 11 o’clock class, if you desire. If 9 am is a problem for those any who have already booked, you may swap to the 11 am slot. (Obviously your tutor will be exhausted and starving by 1 pm, so sustenance in the form of cake will be required at some point of a Friday morning!!!)

Bear in mind, this change will only happen if the Thursday evening class ceases. If it continues to run, the timetable will remain the same as before.   

You may continue to book online in the usual way:

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